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About me

Oh, gosh. You want to find out more about me?? I'm flattered. *blush*

Well, let me try not to put you to sleep. I live in the SF Bay Area and currently work in the geek capital of the world, Silicon Valley. After graduating from San Jose State U with a degree in Computer Science, I now work for Sun Microsystems as a software engineer. Currently, I'm going part-time in grad school at CSU, Hayward. Life can get busier, as I'm beginning to find out.

I'm also Roman Catholic. I think the Faith is the greatest gifts one can ever have. So often it's so easy to take for granted. If one is to really desire true joy, despite life's vicissitudes, the Catholic Church and her teachings show the path to finding peace and happiness. In such a chaotic and turbulent world, who wouldn't want that? I'm sure you'll agree with me.

I like to read and discuss topics of any kind under the sun. Religion, philosophy, Asian and European cultures, history, languages, HK movies, and computers are among my favorite subjects. I also love photography, listening to classical music, travelling, nature places, such as the California coast. There's something about nature that reflects in a sublime way God's majesty and glory.

Anyway, hope you're still awake. Give yourself a pat on the back if you've read this far! Thank you for your time.

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