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The Roman Catholic Church


The Catholic Church is the world's largest, and Christianity's oldest, religious body. Her 860 million members inhabit the width and breadth of the earth, comprising almost one-fifth of the total human population. She is far and away the most popular religious concept the world has ever known. Paradoxically, however, the Catholic Church is the world's most controversial religious concept. Catholic belief is different, too different to be orthodox, say Protestants and Christian cultists. Catholic belief is too ethereal to be logical, and too strict to be enjoyable, say the humanists and agnostics. Hence to millions of people, Catholicism is not only a colossal success, it is also a colossal enigma. Of course, there has to be an explanation: Protestants and others who have questions about Catholic belief too often make the mistake of going to the wrong place for answers. Too often books written by religious incompetents are consulted. The result is incomplete and distorted information. With such information, one cannot help but see the Catholic faith as a colossal enigma. The right place to go for information about the Catholic belief --in fact the only place to go for complete and authoritative information--is the Catholic Church herself. It is worthwhile to seek out a good and traditional book explaining the doctrine of the Catholic faith. The following topics are questions often posed by Protestants, agnostics, atheists, and those who search for the Truth. The headings are followed by questions that people often have about Catholic beliefs. Read them and forget all the misconceptions and lies you've heard previously from the media, liberal propagandists, and others ignorant of the Catholic Faith. You will have then the gospel truth.

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Excerpted from "The Catholic Church has the Answer." by P. Whitcombe