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Agh. It`s been ages since I last updated this webpage. One thing about having graduated and working in the real world--especially in Silicon Valley--you can never be too busy. But oh well, that`s a universal excuse.

I haven`t been hanging out at AA for the longest time, so it was nice to drop in and meet friendly, warm folks. It`s a swell meeting place for people who usually spend their nights in front of the monitor, surfing or checking their e-mails every so often. (Who doesn`t, anyway?)

For young professionals like myself, it offers a forum for those who are out there in the real world, working. It also enables them to share a certain kinship, a bond, with others who like them grapple with the reality of life after college staring at them in the face.

Charting a course through one`s journey in life is not a simple task, of course not. Some opt to return for graduate school, and others are content to continue work and progress through their own merits. Either way, it primarily leans on one`s motivations and aspirations. Some friendly, thoughtful advice and suggestions from others who face the same reality are quite helpful. Like pieces of a huge puzzle, it slowly gives you an inkling of what the big picture looks like.

It`s important to set goals in life; the most pressing question is what those are. It does take time to determine. A lot of soul-searching and hours of quiet contemplation are not uncommon and would even be a given. Myself, I`ll be entering grad school this fall. I sincerely hope that it becomes the means to the end that I`ve set my heart on. My goal in life, that is.

I hope to meet many other young professionals there, wherever you may be, whatever particular field you may be in. It`s always interesting to discover new things. After all, you never stop learning after college. On the contrary, you`ve just started.