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Well, maybe I should share some thoughts about life. Where should I start? Finishing college is a new beginning in itself, perhaps a way of realizing what definite plans one should make. Or maybe it`s an opportunity to explore, whilst one is single, the wide world out there. Horizons. Broadening it is not a bad idea; though one still needs to be focused enough to attain his vision. It could be something as simple as making new friends online or as mundane as travelling to far, distant lands. The spirit yearns for excitement.

In introspection one tends, in his copious time, to reflect more on life and its startling, harsh realities. Its vicissitudes notwithstanding, the soul desires to find harmony and balance amidst all life`s trials. A hopeful, persistent trust in God brings much peace. In such a chaotic, perverse world one gains so much through actual grace. Prayer aids immensely in reaching a state of tranquility, yet one should be also resigned to accept desolation as well. Such is life, a valley of tears.

Family and friends ought to be treasured as well, not for the joy they bring but for the good they see and desire for you. Oftentimes we overlook to reciprocate. Finding and keeping friends over the years is like filling a chest with gems--only that they don`t weigh you down but lift you up.

As for the frequent musings of and all the pathos of anguish, happiness, and delirium it brings...well, that`s for another day. Bring a pillow next time.

If you`ve read this far, perhaps it`s time to push away from the keyboard and spend more time out there in the real world. :)