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A California Spring

Stepping outside, the bright Spring day beckons me
I follow a narrow path, one I`ve known so well
Strolling past trees that bare their souls
The rustle of leaves break the silence as they fall

A canvas of blue swathed with white hangs above
A gentle breeze embraces me like an old friend
I continue along, thankful for this passing solace
Knowing life itself is also desolate and lonesome

As I look ahead, gray clouds cover the horizon
I see where the sunlight ends and darkness begins
For a moment confusion grips me, then hope
Bravely I face tomorrow, with grace from above

The wind whispers a sad melody, passing the trees
Alone I travel as the path winds and cuts abruptly
Suddenly, I see a ray of light break through the clouds
What lies ahead is uncertain, yet my spirit remains calm