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Whoa, I`ve been so busy these last few weeks and so many things have been going on that I just had the chance to hang around at AA, much less update my webpage. I guess you can expect that from a silicon valley engineer--busy, busy, busy.

Finally had the chance to enjoy the warm, nice California weather and coastline. I`ve just started a new job this month so I took off a week before starting to visit relatives in L.A. Nothing like cruising down 101 along the coast, visiting historic California missions, and watching the sun go down on the beach. It`s simply an awesome experience.

But now it`s back to work and back to reality. My new job is much farther from home than my last one, and to my frustration found out it takes up to an hour commuting to work, each way. Ah, silicon valley. Known for cool, high-tech and uncool, traffic nightmares. The jobs are here, but so is everyone else and their dog. Oh, well.

And have I even mentioned about how ridiculous housing is here? I`ve just read in a paper the median price of a home here is over half-a-million dollars! Isn`t that insane? With all this dot-com this, dot-com that they`d think everyone`s made of money. I probably have a better chance of buying a home if I try to get on "Who wants to be a millionaire?" Either that or lower my expectations and get a cardboard box.

On the other side of the coin, it`s really not too bad. My family and friends are here, so that makes it all worth it living in the SF bay area. Plus, lots of Asian restaurants around and cool places to check out. (Carmel, Monterey, Santa Cruz...if you haven`t been to those places, you haven`t lived.) And of course, since it`s the bay area, you get the opportunity to meet decent, sane, fellow Asian people just like you. So, if anyone asks you, "got rice?" you won`t be at a loss for words. :)