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My Thoughts

Some random contemplations on life, the universe, and everything

Usually in quiet moments of solitude I tend to let the ink flow freely and express what's on my mind. (Actually, there's no ink, just keyboard taps--but it sounds more poetic that way.) But nonetheless these writings are the fruition of times of deep reflection or sheer boredom. Enjoy.



It`s a topic that many twentysomethings talk about and often find puzzling and bewildering. Especially for those who are not attached and finished with college, quite a few wonder about how they should approach the subject of meeting people. (In more colloquial terms, getting "hooked up.") Perhaps they see that, quite possibly, opportunities have or are passing them by and that as time marches on they`re not getting any younger.

On the other hand, there are also those who are quite indifferent to the subject altogether. Being content with their own social circles during and after college, they are satisfied with being unattached and uncommitted. Family and friends (even pets) comprise the integral elements of their lives and being with them is a constant source of joy.

But there`s also another set of people who take relationships somewhat differently. These are those who don`t mind getting into a relationship or even have a longing for one, yet through apprehension are reluctant to take even the first step. Perhaps through a fear of the unknown, or of possibly failing expectations they hesitate to even try to get to know the other person. And it won`t be a stretch to note that many Asian-Americans, college graduates with good jobs, fall into this category. Maybe it has a lot to do with cultural background and context.

And yet, is it really something that`s incorrect or an indication of being socially-challenged? Hardly.

I would think that many of these are simply being somewhat selective in their choice of a boy/girlfriend. Those who do so because they look for one with strong morals and abide by principles are to be admired. Granted, the initial attraction is mostly physical, i.e., looks. Thus one can be easily misled into overlooking another person`s true worth, that is, the presence of character and virtue. The externals can often deceive.

As one ponders this thought, it actually becomes an issue of greater magnitude. At the back of one`s mind often the idea of a possible mate surfaces, and in foresight even the prospect of possible marriage with this person looms overhead. Surely one would desire one who is capable of enduring hardships and trials, as well as one who knows what sacrifice means?

Life is no bed of roses, and a strong, virtuous soul would be able to weather the tempests that rage as one navigates through the sometimes turbulent, stormy sea of life. More importantly, one who has trust in divine providence.

In the final analysis, guys and girls should ascertain the level of maturity not only of anyone who caught their interest, but also of the person they see in the mirror. Relationships, especially premature ones are fraught with certain dangers. Moral fortitude is essential. From there, it`s easier to see whether one has the desirable qualities that would make him or her stand out from the crowd.

I sense I must be getting old and hence, being generous in dispensing morsels of advice. I guess there`s a certain sense of freedom in being and remaining single. But perhaps it`s high time to start looking into a possible relationship. Problem is, I`m dumbfounded as where to start. If you know of a possible match, you know how to reach me. :)

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